Athletics is a composite sport encompassing various competitions in walking, running, hurdling, jumping throwing and multiple events. More national communities compete at the Olympics in athletics than in any other sport. A major goal of participation is the achievement of measurable improvement, the "citius, altius, fortius" of the Olympic motto (higher, faster, stronger). Competitors train and compete not only to surpass each other but to attain personal and event records, the latter which are given special status by the governing bodies of the sports. Canadians have competed in every aspect of the sport with flair and distinction. Since Canadians began competing in athletics, almost every generation in Brantford’s history, fine athletes have been produced particularly in the running events.


2015 Athletics Inductees

Natasha Yaremczuk

2012 Athletics Inductees

Karen Harvey
Kevin Sullivan

1987 Athletics Inductees

Rick Mannen

1986 Athletics Inductees

Brian Kelly

1984 Athletics Inductees

Debbie Miller Brown
Liz Polyak
Robert Martin
Tom Longboat