Debbie Miller Brown

Debbie Miller BrownMiller began to set records on the track in high school, which was an early indication of her future successes. Her greatest personal goal was to compete in the Olympics, which was realized in 1968 (when she was 17-years-old) with help from Brantford locals, who fundraised to cover the costs of her trip. She was ranked eighth in the world and was awarded a Medal of Excellence in Sports from Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

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    1968 Olympic jacket

    Race Shoes worn by Miller Brown. At only 17 she went to the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico. Her running shoes were her most important piece of equipment which helped on her journey to become the eighth ranked runner in the world.


    1968 Olympic race shoes

    Offical Olympic team Canada jacket worn by Miller Brown at the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico.