Natasha Yaremczuk

2015 Inductee - Athlete, Athletics

Natasha Yaremczuk Natasha Yaremczuk was a Canadian National Triathlon & Duathlon Team member from 1996-2008, represented Canada at nine Olympic Distance Triathlons, five Standard Duathlons and three Half Ironman World Championships. She has raced at twelve Continental Cups, winning seven, fifteen World Cups and is one of only six Canadian Women to ever win a World Cup. Natasha competed at two Pan Am Games Championships where she won silver in Brazil in 2002. During her successful career, Natasha competed at eight Half Ironman’s with two podium finishes and an 8th place finish at the World Championships. She has now retired her wet suit and bike but still keeps her running shoes busy at half marathons and marathons.

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    Natashas Mascot Doll with Various Event Pins

    'Susie Q', affectionately named after Yaremczuk’s mom, accompanied her at all of her races and holds the pins from the international events Yaremczuk attended.


    Bike Seat from World Championships and Commonwealth Games

    Yaremczuk’s first saddle, she raced many successful Duathlon (10K run, 40K bike, 5K run) World Championships with it. Competing in Spain, Germany, America, France, and of course in Canada, this saddle has been all over the world with Yaremczuk.


    Helmet from Commonwealth Games

    Yaremczuk, who was proudly sponsored by Rudy Project for 10 years, wore this helmet as she crossed the finish line, placing first, in Greece, Mexico, Japan, and Guatemala. This helmet has also been with Yaremczuk at the Pan American Championships in Florida, the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England, and the Pan American Championships in Brazil, where she took silver.


    Various Ironman Medals

    Completing in 2005 and 2006, Yaremczuk proudly placed 5th at the Half Ironman World Championships in Florida and 2nd at the Cancun Half Marathon in Mexico. Completing in 2005 and 2006, Yaremczuk proudly placed 8th in Florida and 3rd in California posting a record run split for the half marathon off the bike of 1:17:34 which held until 2011.


    Cancun World Championship Trophy

    Yaremczuk was the first to cross the finish line with the fastest run split time (36:24) by over a minute, at the 2003 World Cup in Cancun, Mexico. A highlight of her career, Yaremczuk was one of only 4 Canadian women to win a World Cup at that time.


    Treasured bicycle picture frame. Yaremczuk on her first trike in 1982 and 20 years later at the Nike Victoria International Triathlon Union

    This cherished photo frame displays a photo of Yaremczuk on her first trike in 1982. Her mother Sue recalls how Yaremczuk would race up and down the side walk in their yard as her brothers would time her.

    The photo on the right, taken twenty years later at the Nike Victoria International Triathlon Union, Canadian National Elite Championships, was also the Canadian Commonwealth Games qualifier for Manchester England. With only the top two finishers to be selected to complete in the Commonwealth Games, there was a lot of pressure but Yaremczuk deservedly took home the silver medal and a spot in the first Triathlon Commonwealth Games event.