1959 Brantford Tiger-Cats

1959 Brantford Tiger CatsThe Brantford Tiger Cats had a successful season leading up to the Ontario Rugby and Football Union Intermediate Playoffs. The tiger cats had faced off against the East York Argonauts before to mixed results. 

During the opening game of the 1959 Ontario Rugby and Football Union Intermediate Playoffs the Argonauts put up a solid offence with few attempts made against their defensive line. The Brantford Tiger Cats rallied in the second half with a series of consecutive touch downs which evened up the score. During the final quarter the Ti Cat defenders intercepted four passes and recovered two fumbles. In the last five minutes of the game they repelled the Argonauts twice at the one yard line. This was the first of a two game series First of two games total point series. 

The Tiger Cats started the second game with a 15 point lead. The game took place at Lions Park. Both teams are competing for not only the 1959 Ontario Rugby and Football Union Intermediate Championship, but also for the chance to face off against either Montreal or Verdun for the Eastern Canada Championship.

Brantford wins against East York to move on to Montreal to face off against the Montreal Alouettes. The Tiger Cats victory against the East York Argonauts was costly. Several defensemen suffered knee, leg, and back injuries. Several players like Don Dawson, John Barton, Don Cook, and Dave Seamless all suffered serious injuries that prevented them from participating in the Eastern Canada Championship against Montreal leaving the Tiger Cat’s shorthanded.

It is noted that the upcoming game against the Alouettes on November 21 1959 would be their 13th game of the season. The team stated in an interview that they hoped that the 13th game would not act as an omen for the team as losing this game would be the end of their season.

The omen proved to be true as they lost against Montreal on their home turf suffering a serious loss. The Tiger Cats suffered a serious shutout. Despite their best efforts, the Tiger Cats offensive line couldn’t get past the Alouettes’ 35 yard line.

Team Roster

Front row: Al Ryznar, Al Conbrough, Jack Wallace, Brian Koshul, Bill Slater, Rick Hester, Mario Mancini, Herb Gilmour

Second row: Gord Chairot, Bob Markovich, Steve Hmiel, Don Dawson, Bayne Henderson, Ollie Johnson, Dave Searles

Third row: Jim Hortrum, Jim Charters, Ron Martin, Bill Bennetts, Don Cook, Bob Cruickhanks, John Barton, T. Trepanier (Assistant Coach)

Back row: Art Darch (Assistant Coach), Glen Dawson (Coach), Al Brandino (Trainer), T. Jones (Staff), W. Wheeler (Staff), G. Wright (Staff), D. Cooper (Manager)

Absent from photo: Bill Boadway, Art Boese, Pat Dooley, Paul Hrysko, George, Kerr, Al Ramsay, Vic Zabroski