1976 Brantford Saints Ontario Intermediate A Basketball Provincial Champions

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1974 Brantford Saints Ontario Intermediate B Basketball Provincial ChampionsThe Brantford Saints (The Saints) closed out their regular season with a loss against London which was their first loss all year. It also marked the end of their 20 game winning streak. The loss against London reminded The Saints that they could always be beaten which was a grim reminder after being untouched all season. The team put in several solid practices before the big championship game and took first place in the Eastern Division of the Western Ontario Intermediate Basketball League. Throughout the season, it was noted that The Saints showed consistently good pressure defense. Their winning of the Ted Dilts Invitational so early in the season, helped to set the tone for the rest of the year.

In a fantastic last second play, The Saints scored off of a jump-ball. The team gave much of their success to Phil Quinlan, a younger brother of the team’s John Quinlan. Phil was studying medicine and spent the games taping up injured players to keep them in the fight. The game against Sarnia was a war of attrition, with The Saints tiring out The Bullets to seize the win.

1976 Brantford Saints Ontario Intermediate A Basketball Provincial Champions Team Roster

Bob Barron, John Dignan, Gary Dorsey, Joe Drozdz, Ralph Esbaugh, Rob Hardy, Dennis Kings, Greg Locke, Mark MacKinnon, Joe Martino, Gord McColeman, Rick McDonald, John McDougal, Bob McGeein, Mike McNeil, Paul Moore, Mike Moore, Frank Nagy, John Quinlan, Neil Rourke, George Wheatley, Peter Wheatley, Phil White.