1957 Brantford Belaires

1957 Brantford Belaires

The Brantford Belairs began humbly in 1953, known simply as the "Y" Club.  Coached by Orm Rayond and Managed by John Bazoian, the team received the name the Brantford Belairs in 1957.  

The Belairs captured the Southern Ontario Intermediate A Championships on March 19, 1956 prior to their naming, and went on to win the Ontario Senior B Championship on March 28, 1957, as the now known, Brantford Belairs.  Later that year, on April 8, 1957, the Belairs won the National Senior B Championship, winning their first game 55-41 and their second game 37-36.  They took home a series win, 92-77.

1957 Brantford Belaires Ladies Sr. B Canadian Champions Roster

Manager, Harry Bazoian
Coach, Orm Raymond

Gail Hynnman, Marg Bazoian, A. Sarkislan, Betty Opersro, Anita Henley, Cathy Ewing, Marie Culuer, Isabel Leitcry, Pat McAlpine, Judy Walsh