Gordie Wallace

Gordie Wallace

Gordie Wallace At 15 Wallace left his home in Creighton Mines, Ontario, hoping to find work on Canada’s west coast. On his way he stopped in Brantford and was introduced to Frank Bricker and never made it out west. He began boxing in 1944 and turned professional in 1951. He won 30 bouts in a row and held the British Empire Games title for 2 years. His highest achievement came in 1957, when he was ranked third in the world.



    Gloves from June 19, 1956 British Empire Championships

    Trophy and gloves from June 19, 1956. The gloves were worn by Gordie Wallace in London England when he won the British Empire Championships and this trophy was awarded to him following his big win.

    Trophy from June 19, 1956 British Empire Championships