Patrick Murphy

2024 Inductee – Builder: Professional Wrestling

Patrick MurphyFrom watching wrestling with his dad as a kid and attending the very first Wrestle Mania, Patrick Murphy knew from a young age that it was his dream to be a professional wrestler.  He started training to follow those dreams in 1998 under the CWI banner and had his first match as a Professional wrestler in 1999.  Wrestling under the stage name Outlaw Scott Chase, he joined a tag team called the Texas Hell -Razors with Tyrant Eric Dawson and Angelina Love.  In 2001 he broke away, began wrestling singles and went on to win numerous heavyweight championship titles.  In 2000 Murphy brought the CIWA Indy wrestling promotion to Brantford as a promoter and went on to purchase his own promotion GLCW.  He ran a series of successful GLCW shows in the Brantford community bringing in many world-famous WWE superstars.  GLCW shows became a stepping stone for wrestlers that would go on to have successful careers in the WWE.  In 2010 he was in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 500 wrestlers in the world as a singles wrestler.

Today Patrick is a proud father, husband and looking forward to his next wrestling adventure as the General Manager of Brantford Wrestling. He will continue to give back to his community and help others achieve their wrestling dreams. 

Championship Titles:

  • IWF Tag team of the year 2000
  • GLCW Tag Team Champions 
  • CIWA Tag Team Champions 
  • 2x GLCW Ontario Champion 
  • Main Event Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
  • CGPW Heavyweight Champion 
  • PWX Pro Division Champion 
  • UWF Heavyweight Champion
  • 3X MCW Heavyweight Champion 
  • IPW Grand Heavyweight Champion 
  • 2010 PWI Top 500 wrestlers in the world