1994 Six Nations Chiefs Mann Cup Canadian Champions

1995 Six Nations ChiefsIn their second year as an Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) Major franchise, the Six Nations Chiefs won the Mann Cup, emblematic of Major Series lacrosse supremacy in Canada. Second place in the OLA Major Series regular season, with 14-5-1 provided the Chiefs with solid ground work to take them into the playoffs.  In the Ontario finals they defeated the Brooklin Redmen in six games.  Their first Mann Cup was against the New Westminster Salmonbellies and played in the Brantford Civic Centre.  The Chiefs won the seven game series in six.

1994 Six Nations Chiefs Mann Cup Canadian Champions Roster

Tim Bomberry, Steve Fannell, John Travares, Randy Mearns, Mike Isaacs, Earl Hill Jr., Ed Vyse, Neil Doddridge, Lonny Bomberry
First row:
Moe Sandy Les Wakeling, Bill George, Cam Bomberry, Tyler Bomberry, Dallas Squire, Tom Hawke, Jason Johnson, Les Farrell, Missy Hill, Phil Harris, Mike Sandy, Jeff Thomas, Gary Walker, Cap Bomberry
Second row:
James Powless, Mark Hill, Bryan Hill, Lawrence, Geroux, John Rosa, Brian Shanahan, Miles General, Pete Grosse, Duane Jacobs
Back row:
Steve Isaac, Pete Hill, Dave General, Ken Hill
Scott Hill, Rich Kilgour, Travis Kilgour, Mark Harding, Steve McMillan, Darris Kilgour, Paul St.John, Paul Gait, Pete Skye, Derek Graham, Conne Liegey, George Atkins