1968 Brantford Bisons Ontario Jr. Champions

1968 Brantford BisonsIn front of a crowd of over 1800 people, what seemed like an easy win for the Sarnia Lakers over the Brantford Bisons, quickly turned into, what onlookers called, a horror show thanks to the Bison’s quality defense. The Bison’s win was the sixth win of the season, allowing them to remain undefeated.

It was a rough game for the Lakers, a good team in their own right, but they were only able to gain 70 yards all afternoon, as the Bison’s intercepted 4 passes. Coach Brian Madock said that their pass defense had never been stronger.  While the Bisons played a very aggressive game, they accumulated 136 yards in penalties. Stout, part of the Bison’s offense,  was noted as being Brantford’s top offensive player for the game with 55 yards on nine carries, plus another 65 yards on a touchdown pass.