1974 Brantford Saints Prov C

1974 Brantford Saints Prov CWhile preparing for the Western Ontario Intermediate Basketball League (“WOIBL”) championships, The Brantford Saints (“The Saints”) played an exhibition game against the St. Johns Senior Green Eagles. Many of the Saints were former Green Eagles adding drama to the exhibition game, which The Saints won. The WOIBL Championship Tournament was a four team tournament. The Saints faced off against the Woodstock Kings (“The Kings”) for their league championship game in Woodstock and won! With thanks to John Dignan, the Saints led the team with a 90-80 victory. As the saying goes, “he came to play”. While Woodstock had beaten The Saints two-times previously in the regular season, The Saints outplayed The Kings. 

The Saints were said to have had really great defensive work across the team as well as very strong offensive lines which helped carry them through the regular season and into the OBA Finals. The Saints entered into the OBA Intermediate “B” Tournament in Oshawa. The first game was against the Barrie Saints. The Brantford Saints advanced to fight North Bay and then Peterborough through the semi-finals. 

“Saints Alive! They’re Champs!” read the headlines on Monday morning after The Brantford Saints bested the Woodstock Kings for a second time in a week to claim the OBA Championship. The victory against the Woodstock Kings marked the third-win of the day and fourth-win in the tournament. The Saints overwhelming bench strength helped secure the win as coach Mike Moore was able to sub as often as necessary to keep the players fresh. When The Kings meet The Saints again next fall, it will be too soon.

1974 Brantford Saints Prov C Roster

Bob Barron, John Dignan, Gary Dorsey, Joe Drozdz, Ralph Esbaugh, Rob Hardy, Dennis Kings, Greg Locke, Mark MacKinnon, Joe Martino, Gord McColeman, Rick McDonald, John McDougal, Bob McGeein, Mike McNeil, Paul Moore, Mike Moore, Frank Nagy, John Quinlan, Neil Rourke, George Wheatley, Peter Wheatley, Phil White